IAAS: Ambulatory Pathways in the post-Covid Era

IAAS: Ambulatory Pathways in the post-Covid Era

Quand? 31.10.2020

Like many organisations Covid-19 has forced us to cancel our European Congress this year and postpone our next International Congress until 2022. However, the need for linking and learning from international colleagues has never been greater and so we have decided to hold an Online Congress. This is an exciting new departure for the IAAS and we hope as many people as possible will be able to join us. We have chosen a Saturday and a timing that will hopefully make it feasible for our colleagues to join us from across the globe. 

We have secured leading international speakers who will cover various aspects of running Ambulatory Surgery safely for our patients and our staff. We have split the meeting into 3 sessions over 2 separate weekends. The first 2 sessions on Saturday 31st October will be presentations from our international experts - each session will be 90 minutes and there will be a 15-minute break between the sessions. We have invested in a secure online platform for running the meeting that will allow you to ask questions online and we can even perform surveys or polls during the meeting like we did in Porto.

The meeting will also be recorded so those who are unable to attend on the day will be able to login and see at their convenience.

We separated the Free Paper session to Saturday 7th November for 2 reasons

  • firstly in recognition of the effect of time zones around the world which would have meant a very late finish for some countries and
  • secondly because experience suggests that shorter meetings work better online.

All abstracts submitted will be published in the next edition of Ambulatory Surgery and the Scientific Committee will judge the 6 best papers. These will receive a certificate and will be invited for presentation at the Free Paper session. The best presentation on the day will win the prize of free registration at our next International Congress in 2022.                            

In another first we have created a secure payment portal using Stripe allowing you to register for the event.

There is one price of 25 Euro for attending all 3 sessions.